About Old North Psychology

Our practice was established by Dr. Destun in 2002, and has been operating in the downtown area since that time. We serve adults (18 years and older), and provide both individual and couple therapy. We hire only doctoral-level (or doctoral-track) psychologists, and are committed to providing high quality, personalized assessment, diagnosis, and therapy to our patients. Our practice is located in a renovated century home in the heart of Old North, making the therapeutic environment quite relaxed and comfortable.

All of the psychologists in our practice take an integrative approach to therapy, meaning that while we might favour one theoretical framework for understanding and helping our patients, we also recognize that people are typically best served by a flexible approach that pulls from various schools of thought. This enables us to tailor therapy to patients’ needs and wishes, and to adjust as these may change over time.

We assess and treat a very wide range of clinical issues in the practice, and there are as many specific goals as there are patients. In general, however, we work with patients to help them overcome problematic patterns of thought and behaviour in order to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Sometimes the change we are working toward is quite ‘simple’ or circumscribed (for example, insomnia), but more often the change is complex and has related interpersonal components (for example, increasing assertiveness, or enhancing communication in a couple). Most often, the change a patient desires requires at least some degree of understanding or insight, and so most of the therapy that we provide involves helping people to better understand themselves and their relationships, so that they can gain insight into their motivations and patterns, and achieve lasting change.

Each of the psychologists in the practice has their own unique style and personality. A good therapeutic relationship relies heavily on what we call “fit”, or the degree to which you feel at ease and understood by your psychologist. Fit is, by definition, a very personal thing. By reviewing the biographies of each of our psychologists you may have an initial sense of who might be the best fit for you; however, you won’t know for sure until you have met with them once or twice. If for any reason you begin therapy and do not feel that the fit is right, we will help to connect you with the person we think will best meet your needs, whether that person is inside or outside of our practice. We are grateful to be a part of London’s rich and supportive psychological community and to have enjoyed positive relationships within it for the past 20 years. Old North Psychology has very well-established connections to the greater mental health-care community within London.

Our website provides information about our services, approaches to therapy, and the doctors who comprise our team. If you have more specific questions about or would like to discuss booking an appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. As Dr. Destun endeavors to respond to all inquiries personally, email is typically the most efficient way to reach us.

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